Friday, December 27, 2013

december twenty-seventh

Five for December 27th:

Onward and upward. Today is Lisa’s last day at her job before embarking on the next phase of her working life at Wash U. It’s been amazing to watch her career absolutely take off over the last few years. I couldn’t be prouder.

De-cluttering. It’s about time to go through the house with some cardboard boxes and trim the fat.

Being a dad. Stuff like this makes unpleasant things like going outside to scrape ice off of your car in the morning a considerably better experience.

Cool stuff. English breakfast tea, setting up a new board, Jane’s school holiday photo, impromptu lunch at Seoul Taco with Lisa, Schlafly Coffee Stout, Obits on Spotify.

Weekend action. It feels like it’s Tuesday, but it’s actually Friday, and that is fine with me. Full weekend coming up: taking advantage of the 50-degree weather for a sesh at JB tomorrow, the final xmas gathering of the year, Tilts show at Firebird, and the last of the New Year’s Eve practices.

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