Thursday, December 26, 2013

december twenty-sixth

Five for December 26th:

Christmas. This was without doubt the most fun one ever, due wholly to the fact that Jane is now old enough to enjoy it- even if she can’t completely understand what it is she’s enjoying. Great times with family and friends.

Thursday. It feels weird being back at work today, as the last couple of days felt like the weekend. We’ll see if anything actually gets done.

Gift haul. Got some amazing presents this year: Powell Peralta “Ban This” Caballero deck, new 2014 Moleskine planner, new sweater/flannel, the complete Harry Potter book collection, a pair of Vans/Haro Freestyler collab shoes, and lots of other goodies. Thanks to all.

Cool stuff. Bottle of good wine, play kitchen for Jane (that I still have to assemble), tons of good holiday photos, eucalyptus shampoo, 24 hours of A Christmas Story, good friends getting engaged.

Red Lobster. If this is true, we have a gift card we’d better get on using before the end comes. Say it ain’t so, cheesy biscuits.

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