Tuesday, December 31, 2013

top five for 2013

Top Five for 2013:

Jane Martha. Jane’s first complete year has come and gone in an instant. I could go on all day about her- in fact, this “five” list could be devoted to nothing but Jane. But, to sum it up as concisely as possible: watching my daughter grow up and being a part of it is the most gratifying and wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced. She gives me something to look forward to each and every day. There is simply nothing better than being her dad.

Lisa. It’s likely that these two will forever top my year-end lists. Super proud of my wife for soldiering through a pretty intense year and coming out on the other end stronger and more accomplished than ever. Kicking off 2014 with a prestigious and well-deserved new position at Wash U, and continuing to prove herself to be the best mother and wife ever.

Bike commuting. Truly one of my favorite things in the world to do. I rode my bike more this year than ever before- not a single week this spring/summer did I drive to work more than I rode, which to me is a real accomplishment. Hoping to keep the tradition alive starting in a few short months.

Skateboarding. The obsession continues unabated. I’ve had so many good times and made so many awesome new friends since getting back into skating a few years ago that it’s hard to imagine life before it. It’s truly the fountain of youth. Summer mornings at JB and winter evenings at Ramp Riders are just part of life now, and I love it.

Words, pictures, music. Three big things that continue to provide me with a creative outlet on a daily basis are writing and photography- or, to be specific, this blog and Instagram. I utilize both so consistently that I almost don’t even notice it anymore. On the music front, this year’s addition of an electronic drum kit in my attic as allowed for me to get my musical fix at home, which has been awesome, as previously I could only play drums for 2 hours a week at practice. All good stuff. Hope you’re all enjoying it too.

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