Wednesday, January 8, 2014

january eighth

Five for January 8th:

Let it thaw. The ongoing battle of us vs. freezing pipes appears to be coming to an end now that temperatures are returning to normal, and will actually get into the mid 40’s this weekend, which after the last few days will feel like summer. Winter sucks.

SoHa. Braved the snowy roads last night for a one-block trip to SoHa to sit by the fire and eat some two-dollar burgers. It was just nice to get out of the house and into the land of the living for a bit.

Shows. January is swimming in them, but not the kind I’m normally talking about. RV show downtown this Saturday, toy show on Sunday, plus a huge bike swap at Gateway Center in Collinsville I may try to hit at the end of the month.

Cool stuff. Agenda tradeshow pics on Instagram, space heaters, bands that were good, but blew it, Raw Plaster pilot episode, tea restock.

Big thanks. Lisa’s mom and sisters came through for us in a big way today by coming out to our place to watch Jane, thus helping us avoid schlepping her across the city on still-perilous streets. Hugs all around.

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