Wednesday, January 15, 2014

january fifteenth

Five for January 15th:

Kentucky Knife Fight. Some dick stole their van in broad daylight yesterday, mere days before they embark on a two-week tour. More info and pics on their FB page. Could not happen to nicer dudes. Spread the word and help them get their wheels back.

Henry. At the groomer today for a much (much) needed shave and a haircut. Whoever is in charge of getting that dog in order has their work cut out for them.

iPhone memory. I kept running out of space on my iPhone despite deleting every unused app and regularly dumping my photos onto a memory card to free up room. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that there were literally hundreds of text messages sitting there full of pictures and videos going back who-knows how long. Did a big massive message delete and freed up more space than I could ever need.

Cool stuff. This kid, taco night, Harry Potter book series revisited, BBQ peanuts, staying lighter out later, morning drumming, potential Seinfeld movie rumors, History of NHS: Part 4, 2014 KOTR footage.

Ranchito. Hitting it up today with Tom. This cold afternoon calls for soup, and since I didn’t bring any lunch, it’s happening.

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