Thursday, January 9, 2014

january ninth

Five for January 9th:

More snow. Will this nightmare ever end? Wasn’t expecting to spend the entire morning digging out two cars and a driveway. Guess I should’ve checked Accuweather. Winter needs to be killed.

Can’t live without it. A coffee mug, mug warmer, spoon, and multiple boxes of tea, Starbucks Vias, and instant oatmeal are always at the ready at my desk, with the hot water dispenser right across the hall. It's all you need.

Basement clutter. #1 spring-cleaning goal is to get our basement in order. It’s become a dumping ground for unnecessary crap we’re never going to use again. Old couch, broken treadmill, dilapidated bar, and worthless toaster: I’ve got you in my sights.

Cool stuff. Turismic Justice, homemade chili, laugh-filled ride to daycare with Jane, finally got mail after 3 days, $20 Powell completes on Amazon, Dio-era Sabbath.

Sweet setup. Lisa’s work has free Kaldi’s coffee and a gourmet cafeteria. We have Folgers in an ancient carafe and a vending machine that eats dimes. I’m jealous.

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