Thursday, January 2, 2014

january second

Five for January 2nd:

New year’s eve. Great crowd, great times. Not a sell-out as has been the case in years past, but a big dancing one no less. Thanks to Off Broadway, Middle Class Fashion, and 4 Hands Brewery for making it happen. Just FYI, if you weren’t there, you missed me playing drums to Wrecking Ball. Your loss.

Day 1. The first day of the year was completely awesome. Sunny, 50-degree weather, we slept in (Jane spend the night with Lisa’s mom), got breakfast pizza with Lisa at Benton Park Café, went skating with Andy at JB, took out the Haro FST for a flatland session in an empty parking lot, and built Jane’s play kitchen which she dove right into.

Snowed. Hot on the heels of the aforementioned 50-degree weather was a thick blanket of snow covering St. Louis this morning, which I had to dig everything out of before going to work. At least January first was great.

Cool stuff. Grant Taylor Antihero clip, La Pizza, feels like Monday but it’s Thursday, new Indy/Spitfire stickers, Slappy New Year, fresh Moleskine planner.

Statistically speaking. Even though I officially began this blog in September of 2009, I started the “five things” format on January 29th, 2010 and have stuck to it nearly every day since. Sometime last week it officially crossed over into forty-thousand total pageviews, which means it is averaging about ten thousand views a year. Alright then.

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