Tuesday, January 7, 2014

january seventh

Five for January 7th:

Snow day. Got an unexpected paid vacation day yesterday, which was for the most part anything but- we spent the majority of the time trying to unfreeze pipes, clear the driveway and the street, and manage an energetic toddler. This is the worst snow I can remember, made a million times worse by the sub-zero temperatures. I hate winter.

Shredding. Yesterday wasn’t all toil: I did manage to hit Clifton Park with Andy to do some janky snowboarding on my early-90’s grocery store snowboard, which was actually a total blast. May go back for some more tonight.

Janey. She already made my day this morning by trying to say “oatmeal” but managing an even better “oat-meow”. That kid absolutely kills me.

Cool stuff. Lisa’s first day at Wash U, finishing Dexter: season 4, all-wheel drive, arctic trek to the gas station on foot to grab some Schlafly ESB, awesome neighbors coming through, Colvinetics, DGK “homage” deck series, Miami Grill.

Tuesday tuneage. Miles Davis all day. This is my go-to on catch up/high stress workdays. Shitty roads and a skeleton crew at the office call for some non-aggro background music.

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