Thursday, January 16, 2014

january sixteenth

Five for January 16th:

KKF. Looks like their van was found in north city, but unfortunately by all reports it is basically done for. The good news is that they have insurance, and someone ponied up a loaner van so their tour can still happen. What a fiasco.

Back roads. One cool thing about riding my bike to work is figuring out all sorts of shortcuts through the neighborhoods that, when driving, allow me to sidestep traffic jams on the major roads. Case in point: today’s minor dusting of snow that turned Hampton into a parking lot. Got Jane to school and made it to work with time to spare.

Digging into the archives. Posted a bunch of old El Gordo’s Revenge flyers on my Instagram last night. Some good stuff in there, and some good memories. Check ‘em out.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Skateboarding, $29 McGill complete in the mail, freshly-groomed schnoodle, chit-chatting with Jane on the way to school, Jay Reatard on Spotify, Devil Baby Attack, haircut.

STL. The onslaught of good, national-level STL press continues. There is no question this city is in (or on the cusp of) experiencing a major renaissance, of sorts. The city is coming back in a big way, neighborhoods are revitalizing, stuff is happening. Excited to be a part of it.

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