Friday, January 3, 2014

january third

Five for January 3rd:

Salvage City. If you live in STL, you’ve definitely heard all sorts of hotly-debated opinions on Salvage City from all corners of the web and beyond. I was personally hoping to see Michael R. Allen weigh in on the topic, and he has done so eloquently. No surprise; it’s a great read.

Waste not. Somehow, the cashier at Walgreens yesterday managed to use three (3) plastic bags to accommodate the purchase of two boxes of tea, a tube of Chapstick, and a tiny 4x6 picture frame. It was a sight to behold.

Freestylin'. Inspired by a dude I saw crushing it at JB, I rode flatland the other day for the first time in many months and had an absolute blast. Unfortunately my sprocket came loose and the session ended. Can’t wait to get my bike fixed and ride more once it warms up. There’s something about riding flat that just feels awesome, and brings back tons of great memories.

Cool stuff. Spinach & garlic pizza, Dexter seasons 4-8 on Netflix, new issue of Thrasher with bonus DVD, Gator “reptile ankh” reissue deck, Pike Place Vias, playing kitchen with Jane.

Tuesday tuneage: Friday edition. Thin Lizzy, Shame Club, The Love Me Nots, Sleater-Kinney, Jacuzzi Boys, Fu Manchu.

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