Monday, January 13, 2014

january thirteenth

Five for January 13th:

Toy show. I used to go early and with plenty of cash, scouring the aisles for deals on Japanese robots. These days the toy show is basically an excuse to hang out with Greg and buy stuffed animals for Jane. My, how things change.

Saturday ruled. Hung out with the family, skated with the Old Man crew for a couple of hours, went to the RV show downtown (where Jane had a blast and hammed it up for everyone in eyeshot), and walked over to Bailey’s Range for some of the best burgers we’ve ever had.

The big thaw. If you’d have told me a week ago, when it was –14 degrees out with 10” of snow on the ground, that six days from now the snow will be gone and I’ll be strolling around in little more than a hoodie, I would have absolutely called you insane.

Cool stuff. FST is repaired, Las Palmas burritos, OG Super Mario Bros. on Wii, straightening up the house, Chrome Ball Incident Bo Turner interview, Dekade of Barrier Kult photo gallery.

Tonight. Monday evening sesh at Ramp Riders is the perfect way to kick off the week. Gonna need to pony up for a new ten-pass soon.

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