Friday, January 31, 2014

january thirty-first

Five for January 31st:

Mike V joins Black Flag. Seems like everyone is talking about this. Personally, I think if Black Flag is determined to soldier on, Mike V is actually a perfect fit for the job. That said; I don’t really understand why they’re determined to soldier on. Is anyone really clamoring for new Black Flag material in 2014?

Janey. The good news: her doctor’s appointment revealed she’s in excellent health. The bad: she had to get four shots and was in a miserable mood yesterday afternoon. But, she took it like a trooper, and some milk and animal crackers helped her forget all about it.

Shaped decks. They’re back. It’s official. Now stop calling them cruisers.

Cool stuff. Fresh box of Pike Place Vias, Ride Channel, Roky Erikson at Firebird, abandoned St. Louis YMCA photos, veggie quesadillas, Dum Dum Girls Too True.

Weekend. Not a whole lot on the books for this weekend: some skating tomorrow and chilling with Janey over at Lisa’s mom’s for Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe squeeze in some swimming/hot-tubbing if at all possible. Whatever else remains to be seen.

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