Monday, January 20, 2014

january twentieth

Five for January 20th:

MLK day pancakes. My friend Nate stopped by Courtesy diner this morning, where Dr. Dan cooked him up some tasty tribute flapjacks. Super awesome, but how do you bring yourself to actually eat them?

World Record. Some last-minute 2013 “best-of” lists are still trickling in here and there. Thanks to Jason at KDHX for the continued love. Speaking of the band, we have a big announcement coming down the pike. Stay tuned.

Dance party. We asked Jane what band she wanted to listen to. She responded with “yellow”, which is her new word, but it sounded enough like E.L.O. that we put on Electric Light Orchestra and she danced till she fell over. What can I say? My kid has good taste.

Cool stuff. Sleepy Kitty album release show, seeing tons of friends (and their kids) over the weekend, garlic and olive oil popcorn, Southwest Diner, beautiful sunrise, couple of days of nice weather, new setup.

Free skate. Tonight is the 3rd Monday of the month, which only means one thing: free skate night for the over-30 crowd at Ramp Riders. Meeting up with the usual suspects for some inexpensive shredding.

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