Tuesday, January 21, 2014

january twenty-first

Five for January 21st:

Black Sabbath. Finally, their entire Ozzy-era catalog (and more) is available for streaming on Spotify. Not that I don't love me some Mob Rules, but it's nice to be able to put on the classics at work and zone out.

Skateboarding. Super fun session at Ramp Riders last night. I made some great personal leaps in getting over a few hurdles (namely, going fakie and going frontside). Feeling good and sore this morning.

Haro BMX. We are living in the age of the reissue. Yesterday, Haro announced the unveiling of their 1984 Sport Freestyler Mike Dominguez tribute bike, available in May. Probably going to be outlandishly expensive, but still, super cool that they’re doing it. I want one.

Cool stuff. Two-dollar Tuesday at SoHa, closeout SC board display, NAMM week, Epicly Later’d back episodes, Janey at the Zoo, Middle Class Fashion on This American Life.

Another round of winter. Awoke around 2 am to howling gales of frigid wind pummeling our house, which knocked the power out a couple of times and woke up Jane. Spent the majority of this morning chipping our cars out of ice (and broke my ice scraper in the process). Anyone who says they like winter is an outright liar.

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