Wednesday, January 29, 2014

january twenty-ninth

Five for January 29th:

Human mattress. Last night, both Jane and Henry fell asleep on me, albeit at different times, thankfully. Not that I’m complaining. Henry finished off the deal by licking the sheets on my side of the bed to the point that by the time I got upstairs, I had to put a t-shirt down to go to sleep. Awesome.

Two-dollar Tuesday. We managed to squeeze in dinner and drinks at SoHa between getting off work and Lisa’s CHP non-profit meeting. Medium-well with soft cheddar and a can of Rolling Rock, please.

SkateOne deals. You have to keep your eyes peeled for them, but they’re there to be had if you catch them. I’ve gotten a few super deals on “blem” decks (each time the blemish was barely if at all noticeable), and they always throw in grip tape and stickers. Ripper should be coming today, one of my all-time favorites.

Cool stuff. Morning drumming, cheese Danish at work, Thrasher abandoned mini golf session, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, the second best Cramps footage you’ll ever see.

Gym membership. I’ve been contemplating getting one again, due mostly to this winter’s wrath making outdoor exercise of any sort nearly impossible. Of course I've been skating, which is fun, but not exactly the most strenuous cardiovascular exercise. Definitely need to trim up before spring rolls around. The question is, when would I ever have time to use it?

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