Friday, February 28, 2014

february twenty-eighth

Five for February 28th:

Last practice #2. Last night was a good one. The set is really sounding sharp and some of the old songs we pulled out are coming together better than any of us probably imagined they would. The reality of these being the last practices we’ll ever do is starting to set in. It’s a weird feeling.

Caffeine sonar. I’ve made so many thousands of pots of coffee that, when filling it up, I can tell just by sound exactly when there are eight cups of water in the pot. Scary.

Fish fry season. T-minus one week to go. We’ll be hitting up as many as possible. The amount of awesome fish fries per square mile is definitely a huge bonus when it comes to south city living.

Cool stuff. Final show poster by Sleepy Kitty, Andy micro-mini jam video, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, Keurig stocked with Starbucks refills at the office, dinner date with Lisa and Jane at Ranchito, John Lucero TWS legend video.

Weekend. Hanging posters, Kentucky Knife Fight at Off Broadway, skateboarding, gym-hitting, and from the looks of it, snow-shoveling on Sunday. I can take no more, winter. I can take no more.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

february twenty-seventh

Five for February 27th:

Shred-sledding. Last minute meetup at Ramp Riders for a two-hour jam last night with Andy, Barry and Bryan went off. I was rustier than usual after barely skating for the last couple of weeks, but good times were nonetheless in abundance.

Last show poster. The official propaganda campaign for the Blind Eyes final show lurches forward in the form a totally sweet poster, courtesy of the good folks over at Sleepy Kitty. We’ll have limited prints for sale at the show. Image linked sometime today.

Day job. Rolling in early for a drum training session with Pro-Mark and Evans and score some free donuts and drumsticks in the process is an OK start to a Thursday.

Cool stuff. Three Kings, new Bill Watterson art, Jane is living the thug life, Stop Skate Harassment #4, switching up the hoodies, pants hoarding.

Creedence clearly insane. Overheard a man in a restaurant the other day saying something to the effect of he liked Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs, but didn't like John Fogerty's voice. I was trying to think of a good "that would be like saying ___" analogy, but I can't even think of one.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

february twenty-sixth

Five for February 26th:

Minivan life. Dorky though it may be, the minivan is sort of awesome. Having that much room is great, and Jane loved darting up and down the “aisle” this morning and climbing around. Minivans have come a long way since my ’89 Astro Van.

Dear Weird Al. It's not too late to parody the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" as "Braunschweiger". I mean the damn thing practically writes itself.

Imo’s. The most consistently overrated St. Louis-style pizza in my book, but when it’s free, I can deal with it. This will be the case this afternoon. For the good stuff, hit up Milo’s on the Hill, or Elicia’s for delivery.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, buried treasure, office tea restock, Three Amigos on Youtube, new copper colorway Powell Chinese Dragon, old school LJN wrestling figures.

Bummers. More wintry weather, tore one of my favorite shirts, two-day stomachache, forgot to buy Vias.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

february twenty-fifth

Five for February 25th:

Riding in style. I’ll be hitting the streets in a sweet Kia rental minivan for the next few days while my car gets some bodywork done. Try not to let your jaw drop too far.

Lazy workmanship. Called an asphalt company to get a bid on my driveway and they replied four days later- via e-mail- that they “checked it out on Google Street view” and felt it would be better suited for concrete. Really? Can you really get that kind of assessment from a photo taken from a car that drove past my house three years ago?

Working out. Made it to the gym last night for the first time in a week. Ran a couple of pretty solid 9-minute miles and followed it up with a couple more via stationary bike. Also, the TVs were finally fixed, for the win.

Cool stuff. Psycho Stick, cappuccino machine at the collision center, playing bass, Snarf’s with Tom, Neil Blender still killing it.

Tuesday tuneage. Led Zeppelin, Embrace, Fang, Burning Brides, Phantogram, Band of Horses, Shame Club, Dead Milkmen.

Monday, February 24, 2014

february twenty-fourth

Five for February 24th:

Getting the ball rolling. The Rogue goes in for repair tomorrow, and we’ll be getting bids on both our driveway/back patio and front-step repair this week. Hopefully these things will not bankrupt us.

Driving that train. Took Janey to the zoo on Saturday to ride some trains, pet some goats, see some sights and enjoy the spring-like weather. She had the time of her young life.

Heavy Anchor. Cool times catching up with some old friends and seeing White Mystery and Bruiser Queen on Saturday. The partition between the rooms was down, and made the place feel a million times cooler. They should always do that.

Cool stuff. Meeting Henry (the baby), deals on jeans, new tropical plant, fish fry season starts next week, St. Louis Got it!, Fiery Scramble at Southwest Diner, in-depth Mike Vallely interview, dog-walking weather, feeding Jane cheesecake.

Harold Ramis R.I.P. Russell Ziskey will live on forever.

Friday, February 21, 2014

february twenty-first

Five for February 21st:

Last show practice #1. Last night went way better than I was expecting given we hadn’t played together in nearly two months. Nailed down the songs we’ll be playing and made some headway on some oldie-but-goodies. Feeling much better about it.

Public Enemy. Jane picked out Yo! Bumrush the Show to listen to this morning while we were getting ready. What can I say? Kid has good taste.

In the presence of greatness. I was in Chipotle with Tom yesterday when the CEO walked in to a startling round of apparently rehearsed cheers from the staff behind the counter. Hope he wasn’t too bummed about all the soda in my water cup.

Cool stuff. Much-needed car wash, gettin’ paid, Skate & Annoy site redesign, old school BMX show in May, Tom DeLay is an ass, four years of Speakers in Code, cafĂ© Americano.

Weekend. Plans include some long-awaited outdoor skating, White Mystery and Bruiser Queen at Heavy Anchor, an oil change, potentially hanging some posters, getting some stuff done around the house, and other manner of general chillaxery.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

february twentieth

Five for February 20th:

Band practice. Happening tonight. Our first one this year, which is sort of crazy to think about. Working out a set list for the last show, possibly shooting some photos for an interview coming out in March, and generally dusting off the cobwebs. We’ll see how it goes.

Elmo. Jane is all about Elmo right now. He’s the first character she’s been able to identify by name, and hence asks for him all the time. Needless to say, I had to stop on the way home last night and buy her an Elmo doll, which she has carried with her every minute since.

Bummer. Found out one another one of my closest co-workers in my department will be leaving in May to move to Michigan. What gives, universe?

Cool stuff. Real “Wrecking Crew” series (set of rails with each deck!), Rad Flick Trix, Bondi Bowl instagram pics and footage, 65 degrees today, found my pocketknife, Phantogram on Spotify.

Congrats Anna. Welcome to parenthood. Can’t wait to meet the little dude

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

february nineteenth

Five for February 19th:

Spring is coming. Don’t want to jinx it as it is still mid-February, but it’s pretty mild weather as far as the eye can see on Accuweather, at least compared to what we’ve seen recently. I’ll take mid-30’s over 6 degrees any day.

Snowboard Cross. Got sucked into some Olympics last night for the first time since the games started. Snowboard Cross is gnarly and fun as hell to watch. USA for the Bronze, bitches.

Around the house. The to-do list (and it is an actual, physical list) is starting to get out of control. This winter did a number on things. I have some extremely busy weekends looming in the not-too-distant future.

Cool stuff. Buffalo Killers at Blueberry Hill in March, Bob Casale tributes, Sims New Wave knockoff, 8 secret characters in video games (check out the Fred Durst Fight Club cameo for maximum laffs), wild cherry diet Pepsi, Grosso’s Loveletters: Ben Schroeder.

Bloggin' ain't easy. Every once in awhile I hit a wall, and it’s difficult to conjure up a fifth thing to write about, even given my superior brain. Usually on those days I come up with some sort of filler to round it out. Like today.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

february eighteenth

Five for February 18th:

65-degree day. The sun is shining. Wore a t-shirt and a jacket to work today- no multiple layers of hoodies and heavy coats. Didn’t see my breath once. I can hear the ice melting. Every person I’ve interacted with thus far is in a good mood. More please.

Skating. Couple hours last night at Ramp Riders with Andy and Bryan was good times, and some of the Jolly Roger guys were there absolutely murdering it. However, much as I love and appreciate that place, I am ready to skate pretty much anywhere else at this point. Preferably somewhere outdoors.

Potluck. There is a table full of food sitting 6 feet away from me right now, which essentially means grazing will be going down all day. Good thing I have that gym membership.

Cool stuff. Night of the Living Dead-era Misfits photo, Einstein Bros. coffee, John Thompson Tivoli tribute, possible city/county merger.

Tuesday tuneage. Gap Band, Miles Davis, Murder City Devils, Piebald, Warm Jets USA, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures.

Monday, February 17, 2014

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Kicking it. Good times hanging out with Steve on Saturday for the first time in probably half a decade, and revisiting a folder-full of artwork from the years we shared an office, although it was depressing to see how much better an artist I was in 2005.

New computer. It’s time to pony up and get one. Attempting to book a trip to SF via the iPhone has proven to be a fool’s errand, and my ancient laptop is pretty much useless for anything at this point.

Club Fitness. The screens on all their workout equipment have been on the fritz for a week now. Not that I can’t live without watching TV while running, but come on. I get bored enough as it is. Get it together already.

Cool stuff. Jane, March 15th show posters from Sleepy Kitty coming this week, Walking Dead, Winking Owl, warm temperatures this week, old man session at Ramp Riders tonight, homemade mac & cheese.

MU students block the WBC. Always good to see rights overwhelmingly supported and religious bigots justly fucked with.

Friday, February 14, 2014

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Nice weather. Yesterday I stepped outside and didn’t see my breath for the first time in a month, which I consider a step in the right direction. Strolled the Loop and took in some sunshine and warm temperatures. Can’t wait for spring.

Working out. Got to the gym last night for a two-mile run and three additional miles on the bike. Unfortunately, the TVs built in to all the equipment were on the fritz, but that’s what they have these fancy future-phones for. Streamed some KDHX and all was well.

R.I.P. John Thompson. Everyone who lives in St. Louis has a John story. I met John when I was probably 18, and although our interactions were few and far between; every time I saw him for nearly the next 18 years he would greet me with an enthusiastic "Hi Matt!” I don't remember people's names after meeting them ten times, and he remembered mine after one. He will be missed.

Cool stuff. STL’s 250th birthday, Steve Caballero: The Artist, Piebald, Ranchito, setting up the Ripsaw, peanut butter granola bars.

Weekend. Finally here after a long and merciless week. I have no set plans of any sort, which is fine with me. Maybe I’ll see you out there somewhere. Maybe not.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

february thirteenth

Five for February 13th:

The end of the line. My band is calling it quits after a good, long, fun seven-year run. We’ll be saying goodbye with one last show at Off Broadway. No drama or anything, just time to move on. If you ever wanted to see us but didn’t, or haven’t seen us in a long time and have been meaning to, here’s your last chance. Come out and party. Tix here. Good times guaranteed.

This morning. Came in to work to find a case of Newcastle sitting at my desk, and went to a meeting where we talked drums for 2014. Thursday is off to a decent start.

45 degrees. It’s going to feel balmy today. Of course it’s all right back downhill, with up to 3 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow. This winter needs to just stop.

Cool stuff. Dale Hansen, dinner quiche, evening Janey dance parties, Eagles of Death Metal on Spotify, classic Alphonzo Rawls H-Street clip, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding.

Running. I used to hate it in grade school. Now I love it, and am actually marginally good at it. Never in my wildest dreams as a fat kid that could barely run 100 yards did I imagine I’d be able to get on a treadmill and run 3 miles like it was nothing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

february twelfth

Five for February 12th:

Jane. Our little human cyclone is 16 months old today. Time. Flies.

Red light cameras. A victory for common sense in the nonstop ping-pong game that is St. Louis red light camera ordinance. This is awesome news, and hopefully this time it sticks.

Sometimes I hate this country. You know what? No amount of bill-passing is going to prevent the inevitable. Just go ahead and adapt to it now and save yourself any further embarrassment. Equal rights just ARE going to happen. Mark my words, in fifty years this county will be looking back in shame at this type of legislation.

Cool stuff. Cardinals spring training starts today, new Dan’s Comp catalog, 58mm Spitfires, the resurgence of non-popsicle shaped decks, lunch with Tom, AC/DC on vinyl.

Last night. $2 burgers by the fire at Soha with Jane and Lisa followed by a hastily-organized skate session at Ramp Riders with Andy, Bryan and Tim. I’ve definitely had worse Tuesday evenings.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

february eleventh

Five for February 11th:

Death III. More awesomeness trickling out from the Death archives this spring. If you haven’t listened to For The Whole World To See yet, you’re missing out.

Thaw on the horizon. Looking like we’re finally going to get some nice- dare I say, springlike?- weather starting on Thursday and more or less continuing into next week with highs in the 50’s. We need it. I need it.

Find the time. One certainty about having a kid: free time is scarce, and if you want to do something you squeeze it in wherever you can get it. Congrats to Lisa for getting up at 5:00 this morning, hitting the gym, running two miles, getting back, and showering before I even got out of bed.

Cool stuff. Work space heater, goofing off with Jane, Black Label Lucero “torture” deck, leftover chili, two-dollar Tuesday, Street Axe set up once again.

Tuesday tuneage. fIREHOSE, Ted Leo, Giant Drag, The Wipers, Marked Men, Greenhornes, Dead Moon, Shudder to Think, Sonic Avenues.

Monday, February 10, 2014

february tenth

Five for February 10th:

Trivia night at the Sheldon. Pimp parking spot, a packed gallery, some A+ table snacks and a bar full of free Single Speed Jasmine- unfortunately, we couldn’t seal the deal, but came in a solid third. You win some, you lose some.

Cardio. Renewed our Club Fitness memberships over the weekend, and I braved the falling snow in a pair of gym shorts last night for a three-mile run on the treadmill. My legs are jelly this morning, but it feels awesome to get some exercise and get in shape for spring bike rides.

Science Center. Took Jane for the first time yesterday, and she loved it. It’s free, five minutes from our house, and beyond kid-friendly. Highlights included the bridge over highway 40, the weird disco floor, and the giant mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Cool stuff. Stocked up on work snacks, Hell Night debut show at Fubar, Russell’s on Macklind, Saturday sesh at Ramp Riders, coming up on Fish Fry season, portable stroller, listening to Jane count and recite the ABCs.

Walking Dead. Honestly, this show could just be 30 minutes of Michonne walking around decapitating zombies with her sword and I’d be fine with that.

Friday, February 7, 2014

february seventh

Five for February 7th:

Ice world. It is as miserable outside as it has ever been in my lifetime. Endless snow and ice everywhere with frigid temperatures and no thaw in sight. Giant icicles laying around and dripping from every surface. It’s too bad humans can’t actually hibernate.

Sochi shit-show. And that’s not just a clever term. What a joke.

Trivia brigade. Trivia is going down tonight at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Our team has either won or come in the top three every time we’ve played, and this evening will be no exception. Fun fact: this will be my first time at the Sheldon since I saw the world premier of Ban This there in November of 1989.

Cool stuff. Payday, black Street Axe, Scott Reynolds on Filmage, new issue of Ride BMX, Krooked/Tony Hawk collaboration, popcorn Friday.

Weekend. With Jane spending the night at her grandma’s tonight, we shall have a very rare kid-free evening and morning. Trivia, sleeping in, breakfast out. Hell Night’s debut show at Fubar tomorrow night, some skating at Ramp Riders, maybe some snowboarding at CHP, and trying to keep my hands warm.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

february sixth

Five for February 6th:

Sucked in. Somehow, Lisa has roped me into watching Grey’s Anatomy with her, to the point that I’m now begrudgingly invested in it. Not like there’s anything better to do when it’s 6 degrees outside.

NextSTL. Great article on a Richmond Heights neighborhood I never even knew about undergoing demolition. Top notch writing, as always, with great photos to boot.

Vernon’s. This BBQ spot is cheap, fast, awesome, and right down the street from my office, making it a superb go-to on days when I forget my lunch or am just bored with whatever I brought. Case in point: yesterday.

Cool stuff. Good Janey drop-off, Fugazi Steady Diet of Nothing, Creature Atomic Blocks commercial, Chase Hawk Dawn to Dusk.

Sickness. Both Lisa and Jane are coming down with some sort of cold, very likely the same one I had about a week ago. Sorry gang. The family that lives together sneezes together.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

february fifth

Five for February 5th:

Science vs. stupidity. To quote my brother, “In 2014, one of America's leading scientific voices is engaging in a "debate" with an actual living, breathing, human being, who believes that the earth is approximately 6000 years old.”

Facebook lookback. For being essentially a preprogrammed algorithm that functions exactly the same for all of their 1.23 billion users, this is surprisingly sweet.

Snow more. The bad? It snowed again. The good? I got to leave early yesterday. The bad? It snowed more and I had to spend another morning digging everything out. The good? They plowed our street. The bad? It’s still winter.

Cool stuff. CHP snowboarding, Steve Schneer tribute, Magnatone notebook, CVS stops selling tobacco products, Henry, fresh cookies, homemade pizza, work Chucks.

Saves the day. A round of applause for Lisa’s mom and sister, who braved the roads to come babysit Jane today and avoid having to schlep her all the way up to north county. Much, much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

february fourth

Five for February 4th:

Winter weather. More snow on the way, more mass hysteria, St. Louis style. I’m to the point where I’m just numb to it all. This winter sucks and will continue to suck.

Thrasher KOTR issue. Finally finished it this morning after a month and some change. Those issues are so densely packed that they’re hard to get through- which is a good thing. Now to check out out the Youtube recaps.

Doc Martens. They make for excellent snow-traction shoes, but not much more. How anyone wears them on a daily basis is beyond me, as they weigh a metric ton and are generally pretty uncomfortable.

Cool stuff. Leftover lasagna, RFT ARRG shout-out, two sheets of grip, morning waves out the window from Janey, South Park, Dandy Warhols at the Ready Room, Street Plant.

Tuesday tuneage. Picturebooks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dum Dum Girls, R.E.M., Bad Brains, Gorilla Biscuits, D.R.I.

Monday, February 3, 2014

february third

Five for February 3rd:

February sucks. Here we are. Kicking it off with what will no doubt be another brutal winter onslaught starting tomorrow. One step closer to getting it over with, I guess.

Pleasure in pain. It gives me great joy, for some reason, to go to a city’s online news site the day after their sports team gets decimated in a major event and read the articles by their unhappy columnists.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t usually speak about the deaths of actors or people I don’t know or really care about, but I was bummed to hear about this one. PSH played some of my favorite roles in some of the best films of my lifetime. Such a waste.

Cool stuff. Saturday sesh at Ramp Riders, playing with Jane, new issue of Thrasher, brown pants, Elephant Brand 2 Year Edit, December eBay Watch, finally found my lost earbuds.

SFX. Given the limitless scope of what modern CGI technology is capable of, I think it's high time that Glomer be digitally added to vintage episodes of Punky Brewster for a special 30-year anniversary blu-ray retrospective box set. Give the people what they want.