Tuesday, February 11, 2014

february eleventh

Five for February 11th:

Death III. More awesomeness trickling out from the Death archives this spring. If you haven’t listened to For The Whole World To See yet, you’re missing out.

Thaw on the horizon. Looking like we’re finally going to get some nice- dare I say, springlike?- weather starting on Thursday and more or less continuing into next week with highs in the 50’s. We need it. I need it.

Find the time. One certainty about having a kid: free time is scarce, and if you want to do something you squeeze it in wherever you can get it. Congrats to Lisa for getting up at 5:00 this morning, hitting the gym, running two miles, getting back, and showering before I even got out of bed.

Cool stuff. Work space heater, goofing off with Jane, Black Label Lucero “torture” deck, leftover chili, two-dollar Tuesday, Street Axe set up once again.

Tuesday tuneage. fIREHOSE, Ted Leo, Giant Drag, The Wipers, Marked Men, Greenhornes, Dead Moon, Shudder to Think, Sonic Avenues.

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