Friday, February 14, 2014

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Nice weather. Yesterday I stepped outside and didn’t see my breath for the first time in a month, which I consider a step in the right direction. Strolled the Loop and took in some sunshine and warm temperatures. Can’t wait for spring.

Working out. Got to the gym last night for a two-mile run and three additional miles on the bike. Unfortunately, the TVs built in to all the equipment were on the fritz, but that’s what they have these fancy future-phones for. Streamed some KDHX and all was well.

R.I.P. John Thompson. Everyone who lives in St. Louis has a John story. I met John when I was probably 18, and although our interactions were few and far between; every time I saw him for nearly the next 18 years he would greet me with an enthusiastic "Hi Matt!” I don't remember people's names after meeting them ten times, and he remembered mine after one. He will be missed.

Cool stuff. STL’s 250th birthday, Steve Caballero: The Artist, Piebald, Ranchito, setting up the Ripsaw, peanut butter granola bars.

Weekend. Finally here after a long and merciless week. I have no set plans of any sort, which is fine with me. Maybe I’ll see you out there somewhere. Maybe not.

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