Monday, February 17, 2014

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Kicking it. Good times hanging out with Steve on Saturday for the first time in probably half a decade, and revisiting a folder-full of artwork from the years we shared an office, although it was depressing to see how much better an artist I was in 2005.

New computer. It’s time to pony up and get one. Attempting to book a trip to SF via the iPhone has proven to be a fool’s errand, and my ancient laptop is pretty much useless for anything at this point.

Club Fitness. The screens on all their workout equipment have been on the fritz for a week now. Not that I can’t live without watching TV while running, but come on. I get bored enough as it is. Get it together already.

Cool stuff. Jane, March 15th show posters from Sleepy Kitty coming this week, Walking Dead, Winking Owl, warm temperatures this week, old man session at Ramp Riders tonight, homemade mac & cheese.

MU students block the WBC. Always good to see rights overwhelmingly supported and religious bigots justly fucked with.

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