Friday, February 7, 2014

february seventh

Five for February 7th:

Ice world. It is as miserable outside as it has ever been in my lifetime. Endless snow and ice everywhere with frigid temperatures and no thaw in sight. Giant icicles laying around and dripping from every surface. It’s too bad humans can’t actually hibernate.

Sochi shit-show. And that’s not just a clever term. What a joke.

Trivia brigade. Trivia is going down tonight at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Our team has either won or come in the top three every time we’ve played, and this evening will be no exception. Fun fact: this will be my first time at the Sheldon since I saw the world premier of Ban This there in November of 1989.

Cool stuff. Payday, black Street Axe, Scott Reynolds on Filmage, new issue of Ride BMX, Krooked/Tony Hawk collaboration, popcorn Friday.

Weekend. With Jane spending the night at her grandma’s tonight, we shall have a very rare kid-free evening and morning. Trivia, sleeping in, breakfast out. Hell Night’s debut show at Fubar tomorrow night, some skating at Ramp Riders, maybe some snowboarding at CHP, and trying to keep my hands warm.

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