Thursday, February 6, 2014

february sixth

Five for February 6th:

Sucked in. Somehow, Lisa has roped me into watching Grey’s Anatomy with her, to the point that I’m now begrudgingly invested in it. Not like there’s anything better to do when it’s 6 degrees outside.

NextSTL. Great article on a Richmond Heights neighborhood I never even knew about undergoing demolition. Top notch writing, as always, with great photos to boot.

Vernon’s. This BBQ spot is cheap, fast, awesome, and right down the street from my office, making it a superb go-to on days when I forget my lunch or am just bored with whatever I brought. Case in point: yesterday.

Cool stuff. Good Janey drop-off, Fugazi Steady Diet of Nothing, Creature Atomic Blocks commercial, Chase Hawk Dawn to Dusk.

Sickness. Both Lisa and Jane are coming down with some sort of cold, very likely the same one I had about a week ago. Sorry gang. The family that lives together sneezes together.

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