Friday, February 21, 2014

february twenty-first

Five for February 21st:

Last show practice #1. Last night went way better than I was expecting given we hadn’t played together in nearly two months. Nailed down the songs we’ll be playing and made some headway on some oldie-but-goodies. Feeling much better about it.

Public Enemy. Jane picked out Yo! Bumrush the Show to listen to this morning while we were getting ready. What can I say? Kid has good taste.

In the presence of greatness. I was in Chipotle with Tom yesterday when the CEO walked in to a startling round of apparently rehearsed cheers from the staff behind the counter. Hope he wasn’t too bummed about all the soda in my water cup.

Cool stuff. Much-needed car wash, gettin’ paid, Skate & Annoy site redesign, old school BMX show in May, Tom DeLay is an ass, four years of Speakers in Code, café Americano.

Weekend. Plans include some long-awaited outdoor skating, White Mystery and Bruiser Queen at Heavy Anchor, an oil change, potentially hanging some posters, getting some stuff done around the house, and other manner of general chillaxery.

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