Monday, February 24, 2014

february twenty-fourth

Five for February 24th:

Getting the ball rolling. The Rogue goes in for repair tomorrow, and we’ll be getting bids on both our driveway/back patio and front-step repair this week. Hopefully these things will not bankrupt us.

Driving that train. Took Janey to the zoo on Saturday to ride some trains, pet some goats, see some sights and enjoy the spring-like weather. She had the time of her young life.

Heavy Anchor. Cool times catching up with some old friends and seeing White Mystery and Bruiser Queen on Saturday. The partition between the rooms was down, and made the place feel a million times cooler. They should always do that.

Cool stuff. Meeting Henry (the baby), deals on jeans, new tropical plant, fish fry season starts next week, St. Louis Got it!, Fiery Scramble at Southwest Diner, in-depth Mike Vallely interview, dog-walking weather, feeding Jane cheesecake.

Harold Ramis R.I.P. Russell Ziskey will live on forever.

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