Thursday, February 27, 2014

february twenty-seventh

Five for February 27th:

Shred-sledding. Last minute meetup at Ramp Riders for a two-hour jam last night with Andy, Barry and Bryan went off. I was rustier than usual after barely skating for the last couple of weeks, but good times were nonetheless in abundance.

Last show poster. The official propaganda campaign for the Blind Eyes final show lurches forward in the form a totally sweet poster, courtesy of the good folks over at Sleepy Kitty. We’ll have limited prints for sale at the show. Image linked sometime today.

Day job. Rolling in early for a drum training session with Pro-Mark and Evans and score some free donuts and drumsticks in the process is an OK start to a Thursday.

Cool stuff. Three Kings, new Bill Watterson art, Jane is living the thug life, Stop Skate Harassment #4, switching up the hoodies, pants hoarding.

Creedence clearly insane. Overheard a man in a restaurant the other day saying something to the effect of he liked Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs, but didn't like John Fogerty's voice. I was trying to think of a good "that would be like saying ___" analogy, but I can't even think of one.

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