Tuesday, March 18, 2014

march eighteenth

Five for March 18th:

Payout. During the entire duration of the band, we never paid ourselves- the money went straight back into the band for anything from recording costs to merchandise to travel expenses. However, since we broke up, getting a few payouts from the remaining band fund and the profits from the last show has been, admittedly, pretty nice.

Bread Company. Sometimes an asiago bagel and cup of dark coffee before work is just what the doctor ordered.

St. Patrick’s Day. Made the mistake of driving through Dogtown last night on the way home. What the hell was I thinking? By the time I turned onto Clayton and saw the first of many face-painted, green-shirted drunks stumbling around, it was already too late.

Cool stuff. Breakthrough evidence of the big bang, mornings with Jane, KDHX photos from the final show, Walking Dead on Amazon via Chromebook for $2, Kevin Tucker vs. Tom Knox Thrasher letters-section battle from 1996 revisited.

Working out. I have been completely dropping the ball on getting to the gym lately. In fairness, I’ve been pretty busy, but there’s no real excuse. Getting back to it this week.

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