Tuesday, March 11, 2014

march eleventh

Five for March 11th:

Day 2. Cannot overstate how good it feels to be riding again. Way nicer weather this morning than yesterday, with a high of near 80 for the ride home. Made it in to work in 35 minutes, which included a necessary stop at Starbucks.

Out every night. Nice little blurb (with accompanying photo) about Saturday’s show in the RFT. Are you gonna be there?

Ben Raybourn “Welcome” video. To quote Thrasher: “Ben is on a psychotic skate mission to ride the deepest pits and terrain ever. It's almost like Earth is running out of spots gnarly enough for him to ride.”

Cool stuff. Fresh box of Pike Place Roast K-cups, new pair of riding gloves, veggie stir-fry, stair repair, pre-spring Clifton Heights Park, new toothbrush, playing follow the leader with Jane, Buffalo Killers at Blueberry Hill.

990 posts. Ten to go till I hit one thousand posts, which, at least in my experience, is a pretty tremendous accomplishment in the world of blogging. Here's to a thousand more.

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