Tuesday, March 4, 2014

march fourth

Five for March 4th:

March 4th. I’ll always remember some pep rally in high school where some guest speaker was talking about how someone he knew who was languishing in the hospital finally died on March 4th, and he thought it was the dying person’s way of telling him to “march forth”. I'm pretty sure he could actually hear me rolling my eyes.

Skateboarding. Super fun Monday night session at Ramp Riders with the usual suspects last night. Switched my wheels over to some softer Satori 99s last week, and have been digging it. They’re not as fast as what I’m used to, but way grippier, which is nice on that slick masonite.

Keurig. Mentioned this briefly already, but it’s worth repeating that the addition of a fully-stocked Keurig coffee maker at my office might be the best thing that has ever happened at this place in history. The fact that a steaming cup of Sumatra awaits me any time I want it is giving me a new outlook on the workday.

Cool stuff. The ultimate Rickroll, Knife Fight in the news, homemade chili, January eBay Watch, Ed Templeton Epicly Later’d, girl scout cookies.

Fish fry season. What *I* consider to be the official start of spring begins tomorrow. Hitting our first fish fry of the year at Epiphany, and hopefully another on Friday. My goal is to get to one every week. We shall see.

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