Wednesday, March 19, 2014

march nineteenth

Five for March 19th:

Two-dollar Tuesday. Back in full force last night. They know us at SoHa these days, which is kind of funny to me. I guess it’s cool to be regulars at a neighborhood place in walking distance of our house.

Last day of winter. Finally made it to the technical end of what I would consider to be the longest and most brutal winter of my lifetime. Bring on the spring.

Upcoming shows on the radar. The Faint at the Ready Room, Holly Golightly at Firebird, Black Flag at the Blue Note.

Cool stuff. K-cups restocked at work, gym tonight, Nuggets collection, Mr. Show, coloring with Jane (and watching her try to figure out stickers).

CCS. I remember when the California Cheap Skates catalog was one of the coolest things on the planet earth, and you would count the days till it came in the mail. Now it is seriously one of the douchiest, most depressing mall-brand pieces of glorified toilet paper that exists. I wish I could wipe this iteration of it clean from my memory.

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