Thursday, March 6, 2014

march sixth

Five for March 6th:

Down for the count. Came down with some sort of nasty 24-hour sickness on Tuesday night that completely wrecked me. Feeling a lot better today, thanks to a full night of sleep and consuming some actual food after 26 hours.

Things I missed while sick. Grabbing lunch with Tom, the first fish fry of the year, hastily organized skate session at Ramp Riders, three hours of work.

Practice. The second-to-last Blind Eyes practice ever goes down tonight. Definitely getting real now. Sad as I am to see the end in sight, I’m super excited for the show. Should be a fun one. Seth did an interview for the Post Dispatch that should be out soon, I’ll link it when it comes out.

Cool stuff. Spring-like temperatures, good Janey drop-off, Interpol Antics, where Lisa gets to lunch, the abandoned secret cinema of the Sinai desert, bank-to-curb next to the Walgreens on Manchester, Jeremy Klein "Candy Bar" reissue.

Instagram. Their updates are always good ones with few issues, which is welcome when it comes to apps I use all the time. The newest update lets you scroll through and preview pictures you’re about to post on the same screen, without going back and forth like you used to, which I hated. Well done.

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