Monday, March 10, 2014

march tenth

Five for March 10th:

First ride of the year. Super amazing ride in to work this morning. Chilly, but nothing some full-fingered gloves and a hoodie couldn’t handle. In years past, the first ride after the winter left me feeling pretty beaten down, but this one was cake, like I never left. The 75 degree and sunny ride home will be life-affirming.

Wired. Picked up a sweet new Chromebook yesterday, at long last. We desperately needed something at the house that wasn’t an iPhone or a laptop from 2002.

Fish fry #1. Our old standby, Joan of Arc, ended up being the location for our inaugural fish fry on Friday night. Jane had a blast people-watching, and the mac & cheese was top notch. This week: Epiphany.

Cool stuff. Barbecuing, free cupcakes at Firebird, taking Jane to the playground, cleaning up my bike, Walking Dead, frozen yogurt gift card usage, Southwest Diner, charity k-cup.

The end of the line. My last week of being in the Blind Eyes starts today. It’s been a great ride. Come celebrate our grand exit on Saturday at Off Broadway!

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