Friday, March 28, 2014

march twenty-eighth

Five for March 28th:

Bird watching. Jane is all about it. With Clifton Park right behind us, there’s all manner of ducks and geese flying over the house, birds camped out on the power lines, and chickens in the neighbor’s back yard. It’s a veritable zoo.

Bikes. Got two good days of riding in a couple weeks ago and absolutely nothing since due to crummy weather or kid-transportation obligations. Hopefully back on the saddle Monday for what’s looking like a sunny, 75-degree day.

Epicly Later’d. With the exception of the John Cardiel episode, the six-part Ed Templeton Epicly Later’d is the best one yet by a long shot. Last part went online yesterday, go watch them all.

Cool stuff. 45 Minutes of Paul Stanley stage banter, new pack of Pike Place Vias, best Onion article in months, popcorn Friday, playing drums with Jane.

Weekend plans. Mellow one coming up, with super nice weather. Fish fry, housework, spring cleaning, scoping out bricks, JB skate session, hitting the playground, BMX, and fiery scrambles are all on the list of potential to-dos.

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