Friday, March 21, 2014

march twenty-first

Five for March 21st:

Screw the high road. Can we stop pretending we're above celebrating Fred Phelps' death, or that we're somehow reducing ourselves to his level by doing so? I will gleefully announce how happy I am that he's dead and if given the opportunity, I'd piss on his grave.

75 Degrees today. I love spring. Yeah, I know there’s some colder weather moving in, but I don’t care. I’m finished with the weather breaking my spirit for a few months. Keep your dourness to yourself.

999. Monday will mark the thousandth post on this blog. One thousand posts. Who would’ve thought? Hopefully it’s good. I make no promises.

Cool stuff. Ed Templeton Epicly Later’d parts 4 & 5, getting paid, Miss Vantastic: Queen of the Road, wagon rides, lunch skating, Deez Nuts on national television, Seoul Taco.

Weekend plans. Busy one: Tonight is Fish fry #3, Tom and Emily’s party, and Bruiser Queen at Heavy Anchor (with Kevin on bass). Front-step demolition and skateboarding tomorrow. Who knows what else.

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