Wednesday, March 26, 2014

march twenty-sixth

Five for March 26th:

World Series. An anonymous (and informal) poll of MLB players predicts the Cardinals will win the next one. Who am I to argue?

Tuesday. Highlights included an impromptu lunch with Lisa at Mi Ranchito, Jane nodding off on my lap before bed, skate session at Ramp Riders with Andy, Chris, and Jesse, a late trip to Steak n’ Shake, and a much-needed full night of sleep. In that order.

Home ownership. Apparently our chimney cap blew off when we had some heavy winds and is currently sitting on our roof. It’s always something.

Cool stuff. New furnace filters, Thrasher Omar Salazar Instagram clip, 24-hour Powell NOS blowout, router relocation.

’73 Sequoia. There is a part of me that legitimately wants to leave my office right now, drive to Carbondale, and buy this.

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