Wednesday, April 30, 2014

april thirtieth

Five for April 30th:

On the mend. Woke up this morning and found that I could blow my nose without the entire right side of my face hurting for the first time in about four days. If there were such thing as sinus replacement surgery, I’d partake.

So long, April. This month absolutely came and went in the blink of an eye, but it brought with it the beginnings of some actual spring temperatures, which has been awesome, especially for Jane, who is discovering the joys of playing outside.

Google Plus. Looks like some significant steps are being taken toward putting the nail in the coffin for the failed Google Plus, which of course Google is not admitting but is pretty painfully obvious. Talk about a blown opportunity.

Cool stuff. Playing drums with Jane, apple kiwi kale smoothie, Cardszilla, Skate & Annoy March eBay Watch, morning drumming, Mario Kart 8 is a month away.

Star Wars: Episode VII. I cannot believe that, after the abominations that were the three prequels- to say nothing of George Lucas’ relentless CG bastardization of the original trilogy- people actually have any hope that this is going to be any good. And this is coming from a lifelong Star Wars fan. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

april twenty-ninth

Five for April 29th:

E.T. unearthed I remember hearing rumors of a mass burial of unsold E.T. Atari games back when I was in grade school, but I never really took it seriously and in fact remember getting into at least one argument on the side of “there’s no way that’s true”. Guess I probably owe some kid from Mrs. Holtzman’s class a million dollars now.

Thinning the herd. Over the past few weeks I’ve given away quite a bit of skate gear I’ve accumulated but will never use, which is great. Gets rid of stuff effectively just taking up space and is going to people who are stoked to get and use it.

Sinus troubles. I’ve been getting sinus headaches for the better part of a decade- off and on- but never have I experienced sinus pains on the side of my face (and teeth) like I have now. Apparently it’s a thing, though, and whatever the case, I’ll take it over a crippling behind-the-eye headache any day.

Cool stuff. Cheap Jinx, grocery restock, Freestylin’ Fanatics, short morning Loop cruise, breakfast with Jane, The Running Man on Netflix.

Tuesday tuneage. Black Keys, Pentagram, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Rezillos, Cheap Trick, Blind Faith.

Monday, April 28, 2014

april twenty-eighth

Five for April 28th:

Fatherhood. That Jane didn’t go down for her normal nap on time yesterday afternoon was a bummer. That she was up in her room saying "Pizza! Poo-poo! Skateboard!" over and over makes me realize how much I've truly succeeded as a parent.

Thunderstruck. Experienced the scariest thunderclap of my life last night. It literally felt like the house got hit with a cannonball (or a bolt of lightning, to be more precise). Somehow, luckily, Jane slept through it.

Skate and destroy. Quick solo session over on the Hill on Saturday, long morning at JB on Sunday with the usual crew, potential Thursday night Ramp Riders throwdown.

Cool stuff. Trip to the Butterfly House, 30” Star Wars shock trooper, New Belgium Snapshot, McGurk’s courtyard for lunch with the color runners, Van Halen on Spotify, MST3K: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece, Whole Foods pizza.

St. Louis Blues. Unfortunately the season was lost in game six to the Blackhawks, but hey: we done good. There’s always next year.

Friday, April 25, 2014

april twenty-fifth

Five for April 25th:

Sheer terror. This might be the most horrifying real-life thing I’ve ever subjected my eyes to. If I walked into a shed and saw that, I’d lose my mind.

Riding bikes. Managed a last-minute, unplanned bike commute to work this morning, and I’m glad I did. Super smooth ride in, nice morning breeze, low traffic, and maximum eye comfort thanks to my new contacts.

3-D printing. It’s the next big thing, and if stories like this are any indication, it is well on its way to pissing off a lot of big corporations and novelty toy companies alike.

Cool stuff. Blind Eyes final show photos and review, Steve Caballero as Chewbacca for an upcoming Vans/Star Wars ad, lunch cruise, Udon bowl, 2014 Hosoi lineup, jamming with Rikki Rockett and Steve Doc back in the day, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Decently busy one about to happen. Highlights include Lisa doing the Color Run 5K, potentially going to the Faint at the Ready Room, skating at either JB or YAP, mowing the lawn and other scattered house-related stuff, and taking Jane to the Butterfly House.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

april twenty-fourth

Five for April 24th:

The best thing ever. I know I generally tend to use the term “best thing ever” rather loosely. However, when your daughter says “I love you” for the first time, that actually is the best thing ever.

Seth in sales. My good friend, ex band mate, and current co-worker is moving from the violin shop into the sales department this coming Monday, and his desk will eventually be right next to mine. Definitely some cool work-related things happening and that’s a big one.

New contacts. Finally picked up a fresh 6-month supply, which for me is actually more like a year supply. I will wear a set of contacts until they’re no longer comfortable, which is a lot longer than a month. Sorry, but those damn things are expensive.

Cool stuff. New Powell Mcgill shape (with the classic snakeskin background!), the Faint at Ready Room on Saturday, backyard re-planting, bocce season at Milo’s.

Double Dare. I appreciate the Onion writing this article that surely no one under the age of probably 32 could even possibly understand, and even many people my age wouldn’t get.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

april twenty-third

Five for April 23rd:

Jane. This kid has officially made the idea of having a bad morning a thing of the past.

Snot. It is the bane of my existence. This allergy season is the worst I can remember. Even tried and true allergy meds are only half-working at best. That said; I’ll still take this over winter any day.

The pinnacle of technology. The ability to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica on a miniature, handheld television (of sorts) while sitting on the toilet is a glorious idea that my young self could not have even fathomed. Yet here we are.

Cool stuff. Great evening ride home, fresh re-supply of Starbucks K-Cups, lunch with Tom, Red Dead progress, cupcakes at the office, Grant Brittain instagram, Led Zeppelin on Spotify.

Texas. One thing I’ve learned is that whenever the state of Texas is mentioned in the title of a news article, you can rest assured it will be about ignorance, racism, violence, or a combination of all three. Like clockwork.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

april twenty-second

Five for April 22nd:

Two years. Lisa and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary with Janey, a bag of donuts, lunch at Foundation Grounds, a trip to the Magic House, and an evening walk around the neighborhood. Here’s to many, many more.

Bike commuting. Finally got another ride in to work this morning, and it was awesome as always. A little chilly but not too bad, and the 70-degree ride home is going to be amazing. No better way to get back into it following a long weekend. Bonus: it’s Earth Day.

Easter. Having a kid is great because you get to live every fun childhood holiday all over again vicariously through them. Jane partook in multiple egg hunts, got tons of sweets, met the Easter bunny, and generally had a complete blast all day.

Cool stuff. Jane using her training toilet, Aldi Clif Bars, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, Slappy Sunday, JB solo sesh, pizza on the patio at Onesto, new lawnmower, set of Rib Bones and some new stickers from Infinity.

Around the house. Finished laying the front steps, mowed the lawn for the first time this year, front beds de-mulched and re-planted, new planters delivered, vegetables going in soon, anchor stones finally hauled to the back yard.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

april seventeenth

Five for April 17th:

Ear infection. Jane has wasted no time inheriting some of her father’s less desirable childhood ailments. The good new is that we got her on some antibiotics, and while she’s still crabby, she woke up this morning fever-free for the first time in 3 days, which is a good start.

The Onion. Generally speaking, the rapid-fire, Gilmore Girls-esque delivery the Onion employs for their fake video news interviews annoys me so much that I typically don't watch these, but I can forgive it with this one because it's so goddamned awesome.

Bleed blue. Game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs versus the Blackhawks is tonight. Yeah, we’re in an injury-riddled slump, but let’s not dwell on those things.

Cool stuff. Donut Palace donuts at work, new kite, 70-degree weekend, morning Loop parking lot cruise, dyeing eggs for Jane, eye doctor appointment for (much-needed) new contacts, BMX dust-off.

Weekend action. Taking a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow. On deck: 2 year wedding anniversary, JB skate sessions, last fish fry of the year, CHP egg hunt, decker at Firebird or Via Dove at Off Broadway, finishing the front steps, drums and other noises, hanging out with the crew. See you Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

april sixteenth

Five for April 16th:

Jane update. Visiting the doctor today to try to get to the bottom of this fever, which has now persisted into its third day. Despite that, for the most part she seems to be in a good mood and is active as usual.

AC/DC. Rumors were swirling around the Internet yesterday regarding a possible impending AC/DC retirement due to Malcolm Young’s health. Apparently, Brian Johnson has since debunked that myth.

Midway point. Hard to believe April is half over. Where is this month going? And where is spring? These mid-thirties and forties temperatures are going to be the death of me.

Cool stuff. Fresh Vision Grigley 3 setup, Steak & Shake with Jane, Frankie Hill Behind the Ad, morning drums, Veruca Salt at Firebird in July (fun fact: Louise Post’s brother is my next-door neighbor), La Pizza.

The ultimate douchebag. Fact: At this very moment, somewhere out there, a man sits alone at a table, wearing cargo shorts and leather sandals, smoking from a vapor hookah and browsing Buzzfeed articles on his Google Glass. It's happening.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

april fifteenth

Five for April 15th:

Putting my foot down. I don't care how cold it gets for the rest of this spring, I will go no heavier than a hoodie. My coat is not coming back out. I won't do it. It's the principle of the thing.

Ramp riding. Beat a dreary case of the Mondays last night with Andy, Bryan, Kenny, Jesse and crew at Ramp Riders. Much gnar went down: Kenny in particular was absolutely murdering it. Needless to say: sore morning.

Locals only. This might be my favorite thing put online so far this year. Seriously. If you do nothing else today, watch this video.

Cool stuff. Grigley deck delivery, Off! Wasted Years on Spotify, upcoming 4-day weekend, Klaatu, deserted ruins of the Hey Dude set, homemade pizza.

Coffee clutch. I will go on the record as saying the Beaumont “Donut Store” blend is actually pretty damn good for a $3.99 bag of Aldi coffee. It’s no Sumatra, but it will work in a pinch. Also, Columbia roast Vias all the way.

Monday, April 14, 2014

april fourteenth

Five for April 14th:

Clifton Park clean-up. A few carafes of coffee, two boxes of donuts from Donut Drive-in, plenty of enthusiastic neighbors, and a beautiful sunny day made for an excellent Clifton Park cleansing on Saturday morning.

Sick girl. Jane took a turn for the ill out of nowhere yesterday morning, running a fever almost all day. Not sure where it came from, but she slept well last night and seems to be doing fine today. Hopefully it was just a 24-hour thing.

Skating. Mega-fun sesh at JB on Saturday, hitting Ramp Riders tonight for a jam with Andy and Bryan. Also, the Morganford park is making progress.

Cool stuff. Fixed chimney, super nice (free) leather chair for the bedroom, new sunglasses for Jane, 52mm Spitfire Ishod Wair F1’s, Middle Class Fashion at Tap Room, grapefruit La Croix, RDR: Undead Nightmare cheat codes, hot-tubbing.

Mai Lee. While the location may be a bit weird (situated underneath a parking garage next to the Brentwood Metrolink station), in my mind it’s officially the best Vietnamese in town. Sorry, Pho Grand. I’ll always love you too.

Friday, April 11, 2014

april eleventh

Five for April 11th:

Riding bikes. Totally dropped the ball on riding this week, but in fairness, it would’ve been kinda tough to pull off given spotty early-week weather, morning meetings, and Jane drop-off and pick-up responsibilities. Oh well.

Tightening up. Putting any and all unnecessary spending on hold for a bit while we save up as much as we can for this driveway project. Going to be amazing and totally worth it, and while it’s costing less than I initially thought it would, it still ain’t cheap.

Stephen Colbert hosting The Late Show. While I think he’s perfect for position, it’ll be interesting to see how well he’s received as Stephen Colbert the guy, as opposed to Stephen Colbert, the caricatured version of a right-wing pundit that he has carefully honed over the last eight years.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, digital headstock tuner first-run, asiago bagel, CHP trees in bloom, lunchtime Loop cruisin’, Mushuganas Lows in the Mid 90’s, actual HD, Creature Vert Search: Seattle, this.

Weekend action. Busy one coming up. Friday night: Hanging out with Jane, hitting up either MCF at Tap Room or Valley at Firebird. Saturday day: Clifton Park clean-up. Saturday night: Mai Lee followed by hot-tubbing and Fireball Island with Mary and Keith. Sunday day: Home Depot, finishing front steps. Sunday night: dinner at my mom’s condo. Skating, drumming, sleeping in there somewhere.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

april tenth

Five for April 10th:

Swag. Morning meeting with D’Addario netted me a free Planet Waves clip-on micro tuner, new NS capo, and the only medium t-shirt they brought. Score. However, why do companies print on t-shirt sleeves? I can’t stand that.

Pay it forward. Built up a board for a friend/co-worker who’s getting back into skating. 7.75 blank, old Thunder trucks, old CCS wheels, and some god-only-knows mashup of bearings and hardware. But hey, it rolls, and that’s stuff I’ll never use.

So long, cable. Bought a $20 antenna and got rid of our basic cable package last night. We literally never watched any cable channels, just the occasional bit of local news or channel 9, both of which are free. We’re now saving $360 a year, AND the picture is a hundred times sharper. Anything else we can get via Netflix or order on Amazon. Liberated!

Cool stuff. Free sheet of grip tape, Clifton Park buttons from House of Eight Legs, 70-degree temperatures, dinner on the back patio, good leftovers, Live After Death, Jeff Hedges interview, Tide stain sticks.

Future Sk8. Stopped by Future Sk8 yesterday to poke around, and wound up chatting with Don for a bit and getting a tour of the as-yet unopened new location a few doors down. Going to be quite the improvement over his current location size-wise, but I will miss the old shop.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

april ninth

Five for April 9th:

Seshday. It’s like the secret no one knows about. Everything is insanely cheap (including normally high-dollar reissues), shipping is always about $7, and there are always killer coupon codes to plug in. Seriously unbeatable.

Fish Fry. After a strong start, we’ve really dropped the ball over the last couple of weekends and opted for other fare or outdoor seating. Hopefully we’ll get at least one more in before the end of the season.

Driveway 2014. Soon, our cracked, ancient, pot-holed, miserable excuse for a driveway and parking pad will be gloriously ripped out and replaced by smooth asphalt. Jane will be able to play outside in the backward without fear of potentially needing a tetanus shot if she falls down.

Cool stuff. Talking Slappies with Jason Adams, cowboy caviar, Vision Grigley 3, Future Sk8 lunchtime sticker run, reciting the ABC’s with Jane, evening trip to the Clifton Park flower garden, Powell Vato Rat 2014 reissue.

Twitter basically becomes Facebook. So much for simplicity.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

april eighth

Five for April 8th:

Home improvement. Chimney getting fixed this week, wrapping up the front steps once the rain stops (and I can figure out how to cut about an inch and some change off of a concrete block without chipping the thing in half), moving ahead with the driveway overhaul, pouring a back patio.

Jane. She’s starting to string together little three-word “sentences”, which to any non-parent probably sounds boring as hell but to me is the most amazing thing ever.

Being in a band. I don’t really miss it, which makes me think that our decision to call it a day was the right one. Granted, it hasn’t been long since our last show, and I still see those dudes as much as ever before. I’m sure I’ll get the itch again at some point. Or maybe not. I’m fine either way.

Cool stuff. Collin Provost Made B-Sides, Full House Without Michelle: Potty Training, Chrome Ball Danny Sargent interview, key lime Greek yogurt, RFT Joel Hodgson interview.

Tuesday tuneage. Jethro Tull, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Black Sabbath, The Who, Off!, Television, The Cramps.

Monday, April 7, 2014

april seventh

Five for April 7th:

The most important meal. Insanely awesome brunch at Seth and Lindsay’s place on Saturday, and my first time at Half & Half for breakfast with Anna and Allison on Sunday. I can dig it.

Stair repair. After a couple of weeks spent waiting for good weather, trying to figure out the materials I’d need, and about three trips to Home Depot to pick up stones, construction adhesive, and a chisel, the front steps are finally (almost) done. Last night I dreamed of concrete slabs.

Opening day. Hopefully it doesn’t get rained out. My office is full of red jerseys and tables-full of snacks to celebrate the occasion.

Cool stuff. This kid, Ramp Riders Sunday sesh with Andy, free set of Spitfire 52’s, David the Gnome, denim jacket brigade, upcoming date night, Jeff Grosso bootleg.

Local news. There's no way that the lowest point in a cameraman's life isn't the day he's tasked to go to the zoo and film obese children from the neck down.

Friday, April 4, 2014

april fourth

Five for April 4th:

The calm during the storm. Tornado sirens went off last night about 45 minutes after we put Jane to bed and we all headed to the basement, but she handled it like a trooper, snoozing away on Lisa’s shoulder the entire time. She was back in her crib ten minutes later, undisturbed. In fairness, the Benadryl probably helped.

Chimney repair. Happening Monday and Tuesday. It’s expensive, but necessary, and the crown we’re getting put on it should essentially mean we never have to do anything to it again, at least not for a long time.

Jumping out of planes. Not something I’d ever do, ever, for any reason, but this video is pretty incredible.

Cool stuff. New issues of Thrasher and Ride BMX in the mail, paying off my credit card, Dogtown and Z-Boys, breakfast sandwiches, TuneIn radio app, grass turning green, Skatality with Tommy Guerrero, Tiltmode Jason Adams interview.

Weekend action. Drinks with Scott tonight, brunch with Seth and Lindsay tomorrow, pricing out some paver caps for the front steps, skateboarding, hanging out with Jane. Seeya on the other side.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

april third

Five for April 3rd:

Gnarly weather. Yesterday we got dumped on by one of the most insane hailstorms I’ve ever witnessed, followed up by severe overnight weather (including a tornado siren that we apparently slept right through) continuing through today. Lovely spring we’re having.

Eat right. For the win: burgers with Tom at 3 Kings for lunch followed by an impromptu dinner date to Mi Ranchito with Lisa and Jane for fish tacos and Hawaiian fajitas.

Beaten down. A combination of soreness from running/skating, soreness from falling on my ass down a flight of stairs, and the toll of a 3-day allergy bender are making me feel like a broken old man.

Cool stuff. May iPhone upgrade, bird/airplane/school bus watching with Jane on the front porch, ‘88 Intelligence Report Sean Cliver article, 20 Feet From Stardom on Netflix, Claritin.

Who would’ve thought? A Bones Brigade jacket I once owned (not this exact one, but one just like it)- that I got for free, incidentally- just sold for almost three thousand dollars on eBay. Jaw-dropping. I have no idea what the hell happened to that jacket, but I sure wish I did.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

april second

Five for April 2nd.

Midnight tumbler. Woke up in the middle of the night to Henry whining to go outside. Got up to let him out and took a big slam going down the back steps, cutting my finger and bruising my shoulder blade in the process. At least the giant “thud” didn’t wake Jane up. That said, none the worse for wear this morning.

Not quite the Necronomicon. Harvard recently discovered that three books in its library are bound in human flesh. Somewhere out there, Bruce Cambell is firing up his chainsaw-arm.

Red Dead. Finally got a chance to dig into Undead Nightmare a bit yesterday evening. It’s fun, but so far nowhere near as fun as the original. I’m sure it’ll get better, but just walking around getting swarmed by- and massacring- hordes of zombies sort of loses its luster after an hour or so. Still, it’s good, and definitely worth ten bucks.

Cool stuff. Amazing St. Louis archaeology, probiotic regimen, construction underway at the new South City skatepark, lunch at 3 Kings, upcoming vacation days, helping out friends.

Photography. It dawned on my yesterday that, if I didn’t have my iPhone, some of my favorite pictures of Jane would have never been taken. In fact, there would probably be about 90% less photos of her that exist and probably no video, because who carries a standalone camera around with them? For that reason alone, the iPhone has been worth every penny.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april first

Five for April 1st.

Allergy season. Jane and I are both afflicted with either a cold, or allergies, or both. I’m really hoping Jane did not inherit my summer pollen allergies- they didn’t develop in me till much later in life, so hopefully that’ll be the case for her- or better yet, not at all. Either way, tissues are currently at a premium.

Billy Bragg vs. Pokey LaFarge. Seems to me that the only decent way to settle this dispute is through a rousing, yet sporting display of gloveless fisticuffsmanship. I’d pay for tickets.

Working out. The gym was the fullest I’ve ever seen it last night- I actually had to wait for a treadmill to open up. Did a mellow couple miles running/riding and capped it off with some skating around the abandoned parking lot as the sun was going down. Heavy winds + soft wheels = high speeds.

Cool stuff. Walking Dead season finale, Wil Wheaton on bullying, new VCJ artwork, tracking down the Easter bunnies with Jane, Cardinals win season opener, Louis CK on SNL.

Good happenings. A few very interesting and welcome developments going down at the workplace. More on that later.