Friday, April 11, 2014

april eleventh

Five for April 11th:

Riding bikes. Totally dropped the ball on riding this week, but in fairness, it would’ve been kinda tough to pull off given spotty early-week weather, morning meetings, and Jane drop-off and pick-up responsibilities. Oh well.

Tightening up. Putting any and all unnecessary spending on hold for a bit while we save up as much as we can for this driveway project. Going to be amazing and totally worth it, and while it’s costing less than I initially thought it would, it still ain’t cheap.

Stephen Colbert hosting The Late Show. While I think he’s perfect for position, it’ll be interesting to see how well he’s received as Stephen Colbert the guy, as opposed to Stephen Colbert, the caricatured version of a right-wing pundit that he has carefully honed over the last eight years.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, digital headstock tuner first-run, asiago bagel, CHP trees in bloom, lunchtime Loop cruisin’, Mushuganas Lows in the Mid 90’s, actual HD, Creature Vert Search: Seattle, this.

Weekend action. Busy one coming up. Friday night: Hanging out with Jane, hitting up either MCF at Tap Room or Valley at Firebird. Saturday day: Clifton Park clean-up. Saturday night: Mai Lee followed by hot-tubbing and Fireball Island with Mary and Keith. Sunday day: Home Depot, finishing front steps. Sunday night: dinner at my mom’s condo. Skating, drumming, sleeping in there somewhere.

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