Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april first

Five for April 1st.

Allergy season. Jane and I are both afflicted with either a cold, or allergies, or both. I’m really hoping Jane did not inherit my summer pollen allergies- they didn’t develop in me till much later in life, so hopefully that’ll be the case for her- or better yet, not at all. Either way, tissues are currently at a premium.

Billy Bragg vs. Pokey LaFarge. Seems to me that the only decent way to settle this dispute is through a rousing, yet sporting display of gloveless fisticuffsmanship. I’d pay for tickets.

Working out. The gym was the fullest I’ve ever seen it last night- I actually had to wait for a treadmill to open up. Did a mellow couple miles running/riding and capped it off with some skating around the abandoned parking lot as the sun was going down. Heavy winds + soft wheels = high speeds.

Cool stuff. Walking Dead season finale, Wil Wheaton on bullying, new VCJ artwork, tracking down the Easter bunnies with Jane, Cardinals win season opener, Louis CK on SNL.

Good happenings. A few very interesting and welcome developments going down at the workplace. More on that later.

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