Wednesday, April 2, 2014

april second

Five for April 2nd.

Midnight tumbler. Woke up in the middle of the night to Henry whining to go outside. Got up to let him out and took a big slam going down the back steps, cutting my finger and bruising my shoulder blade in the process. At least the giant “thud” didn’t wake Jane up. That said, none the worse for wear this morning.

Not quite the Necronomicon. Harvard recently discovered that three books in its library are bound in human flesh. Somewhere out there, Bruce Cambell is firing up his chainsaw-arm.

Red Dead. Finally got a chance to dig into Undead Nightmare a bit yesterday evening. It’s fun, but so far nowhere near as fun as the original. I’m sure it’ll get better, but just walking around getting swarmed by- and massacring- hordes of zombies sort of loses its luster after an hour or so. Still, it’s good, and definitely worth ten bucks.

Cool stuff. Amazing St. Louis archaeology, probiotic regimen, construction underway at the new South City skatepark, lunch at 3 Kings, upcoming vacation days, helping out friends.

Photography. It dawned on my yesterday that, if I didn’t have my iPhone, some of my favorite pictures of Jane would have never been taken. In fact, there would probably be about 90% less photos of her that exist and probably no video, because who carries a standalone camera around with them? For that reason alone, the iPhone has been worth every penny.

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