Thursday, April 10, 2014

april tenth

Five for April 10th:

Swag. Morning meeting with D’Addario netted me a free Planet Waves clip-on micro tuner, new NS capo, and the only medium t-shirt they brought. Score. However, why do companies print on t-shirt sleeves? I can’t stand that.

Pay it forward. Built up a board for a friend/co-worker who’s getting back into skating. 7.75 blank, old Thunder trucks, old CCS wheels, and some god-only-knows mashup of bearings and hardware. But hey, it rolls, and that’s stuff I’ll never use.

So long, cable. Bought a $20 antenna and got rid of our basic cable package last night. We literally never watched any cable channels, just the occasional bit of local news or channel 9, both of which are free. We’re now saving $360 a year, AND the picture is a hundred times sharper. Anything else we can get via Netflix or order on Amazon. Liberated!

Cool stuff. Free sheet of grip tape, Clifton Park buttons from House of Eight Legs, 70-degree temperatures, dinner on the back patio, good leftovers, Live After Death, Jeff Hedges interview, Tide stain sticks.

Future Sk8. Stopped by Future Sk8 yesterday to poke around, and wound up chatting with Don for a bit and getting a tour of the as-yet unopened new location a few doors down. Going to be quite the improvement over his current location size-wise, but I will miss the old shop.

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