Friday, April 25, 2014

april twenty-fifth

Five for April 25th:

Sheer terror. This might be the most horrifying real-life thing I’ve ever subjected my eyes to. If I walked into a shed and saw that, I’d lose my mind.

Riding bikes. Managed a last-minute, unplanned bike commute to work this morning, and I’m glad I did. Super smooth ride in, nice morning breeze, low traffic, and maximum eye comfort thanks to my new contacts.

3-D printing. It’s the next big thing, and if stories like this are any indication, it is well on its way to pissing off a lot of big corporations and novelty toy companies alike.

Cool stuff. Blind Eyes final show photos and review, Steve Caballero as Chewbacca for an upcoming Vans/Star Wars ad, lunch cruise, Udon bowl, 2014 Hosoi lineup, jamming with Rikki Rockett and Steve Doc back in the day, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Decently busy one about to happen. Highlights include Lisa doing the Color Run 5K, potentially going to the Faint at the Ready Room, skating at either JB or YAP, mowing the lawn and other scattered house-related stuff, and taking Jane to the Butterfly House.

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