Thursday, May 8, 2014

may eighth

Five for May 8th:

Chesterfield threatening secession. Don't let the doorknob hit 'ya where the good lord split 'ya, Chesterfield. I'm sure St. Charles county will welcome you and your many miles of soul-sucking retail floodplains with open arms.

Man down. I knew it was only a matter of time before one of Jane’s dolls or stuffed animals ended up hurled into Clifton Park Lake. Yesterday evening, it finally happened.

Kip Winger has forgiven Beavis and Butthead. Good to see this long-standing rivalry has finally come to an amicable close.

Cool stuff. Lunch with Lisa at Frida’s, Vision Jinx reissue in the mail, shower beer, new Powell Caballero graphic and shape, Kill Bill on Netflix Instant, iPhone cleanse, evening drums, Iron Maiden albums from worst to best.

Black Keys at Scottrade Center. It's insane to think that not that long ago this band was playing in the basement at Lemmons for 5 bucks to about 25 drunks.

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