Monday, May 5, 2014

may fifth

Five for May 5th:

Riding bikes. Perfect weather for a morning ride in today- the first hoodie-free ride so far this year. Gonna be shooting for tomorrow as well, and whatever else I can manage to squeeze in this week.

Skate sesh. Finally made it back out to YAP over the weekend for some bowl skating with Andy, Chris and a few others. That place is rad, but the packs of scooter kids can be somewhat of a bummer. Whatever the case, it ruled.

Taking care of business. Got all 20+ remaining crumbling concrete bricks to the trash, moved two rooms of the house, mowed the lawn, whacked the weeds, and replaced the furnace filters. The things you can do with a kid-free 24 hours.

Cool stuff. Carl’s drive-in, cleaning up the FST, Jane’s new room, wading pool season, garden spinach, Miles Davis on Spotify, The Punk Singer Kathleen Hanna documentary, Tony Hawk Doubles.

Pot Luck. Cinco de Mayo feeding frenzy is happening at work. Tacos, snacks, chips, sides, and even a cooler full of ice-cold Jarritos are sitting mere feet away. Today will be an exercise of willpower.

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