Thursday, May 1, 2014

may first

Five for May 1st:

Shredding. Beating the cool-ish weather with a session at Ramp Riders tonight and plans for JB or YAP over the weekend once it warms back up. Yez.

Tiny home movement. As someone whom has always been a fan of the idea of small-space/mobilized living, seeing this kind of thing is appealing. However, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy an awesome camper/RV?

May. Lots of rad happening this month including Lisa’s birthday, weekend trip to Rocheport, toy show, Midwest Mayhem, Brian Posehn at Firebird, Mother’s Day, Hell Night at Fubar, parties, shows, bike riding, skating, and whatever else. Should be a good one.

Cool stuff. Big progress at the Morganford park, Iron Maiden Best of the Beast, daytime Tecate, lawn mowed, new issue of Thrasher, Rick Scott gets owned.

Morons abound. Wait, are you telling me the things you decide to say in your day-to-day life have consequences DESPITE the government protecting your rights to say them? Astonishing!

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