Wednesday, May 14, 2014

may fourteenth

Five for May 14th:

Morning drive. Jane is now facing forward in her car seat, so driving around with her is much easier these days. She’s fascinated with buses and trucks, so there’s plenty to keep her mind occupied. She even managed to keep her shoes and socks on this morning.

Tuesday night session. Met up at with Andy and Brian at Ramp Riders last night and skated till they turned the lights off on us. The cool weather and minimal crowd kept the energy levels high.

Spring and summer vacationing. Camping trip to Eureka Springs, Lake of the Ozarks long-weekender, Gulf Shores for a week (complete with beach house and pool).

Cool stuff. New hardware for the Grigley, sticker haul, work snack stock-up, completely insane skateboard knockoff, Memorial Day 3-day weekend around the corner.

Busch Stadium 2.0. It makes me sad that my daughter will never know this place, and instead grow up with the cookie-cutter stadium we have now.

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