Tuesday, May 6, 2014

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Anvil. Playing at Fubar on Thursday night, and I really want to go. Why? Because metal on metal is what I crave.

Day 2. Another perfect day for riding in. Yesterday’s ride home was about as nice as they come: warm, but not too hot, and absolutely zero headwind, which makes tackling the long and gradual bike trail up Skinker a lot easier.

Jane’s new room. Moved Jane from her small nursery to her new big bedroom over the weekend, and she loves it. Tons of space to run around, play, and get into whatever she wants, and she’s been sleeping like a log in there thanks to some hastily rigged room-darkening materials.

Cool stuff. ShowerbraĆ¼, the Demo moving to a new space, Mike Anderson freed, Samurai Cop, Posessed to Skate, grapefruit La Croix.

Tonight. Either going to Milo’s for veggie pizza on the patio, taking Jane to the park to collect pinecones, or riding some flatland after she goes to bed. I’d like to say all three, but time is limited.

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