Wednesday, May 28, 2014

may twenty-eighth

Five for May 28th:

A day late. Any Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday is OK by me.

Driveway construction. Ours is next up on the contractor’s project list- just waiting for the rain threats to subside and the ground to get adequately dry. Fingers crossed that it may still happen this week, but it’s not looking good.

Which Wich. Checking it out with Tom and Seth this afternoon. More lunch options are always a welcome thing, but I don’t really know how many more sub shops the Loop needs at this point.

Cool stuff. John Oliver nails it, Danziggy, new skate shoes in the mail, selling crap on eBay, spring cleaning, new K-cups, freshly-groomed schnoodle.

Bones Brigade Reissues. While I think Powell sorta overstayed their welcome with this series, the final lineup of them is coming out in a month or so and I must say, is looking pretty sweet.

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