Thursday, May 22, 2014

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Lisa. The happiest of birthdays to my amazing wife and mother of my equally amazing child. Tonight, we dine- although we might want to bring some peanut butter crunch for Jane.

Backyard project. Can’t wait to get this thing done. It’s going to be killer: new expanded deck with string lights, easy basement access, fresh-poured asphalt, fire pit, potential future pergola. Breaking-in party to follow. BYOB.

Skateboarding. Quick (and super fun) evening sesh with Kenny at JB last night before the sun went down, parking lot cruise around the Loop this morning prior to heading in.

Cool stuff. Cheap Vox Lockdowns on Seshday, bag of Sumatra for morning brewing, Jane feeling better, already Thursday, #4 lunch special at Ranchito, Modelo.

Everyday Tyson. About 25 people have told me that the Neil deGrasse Tyson thing I’ve been doing should be a tumblr, so here you go. I know nothing about tumblr so link to it and make it an Internet sensation already.

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