Tuesday, May 27, 2014

may twenty-seventh

Five for May 27th:

Long weekend. As usual, it went by way too fast and felt like it was over before it had even started. This shouldn’t really come as a shock to me anymore. However, there’s no complaining about getting to spend three days with this kid.

Zoo crew. Went twice over the weekend. Sunday was pretty much a bust as it started raining right when we got there, but that didn’t stop us from checking out the butterfly house if nothing else. Monday was much better, with clear skies, sea lions, elephants, and a Jane-approved train ride. Living five minutes away has its benefits.

Skate and annoy. Got in two sessions at JB, both hit and miss. Saturday was crazy packed, and yesterday was mellow, but got rained out about 30 minutes in. Also hit the Hill for some speed runs around the giant Electrical Worker's Union parking lot, which was awesome.

Cool stuff. Lisa’s amazing DIY bedroom wall art, fresh Powell Ripper setup, Donut Drive-In, much-needed grooming for Henry, backside grinds, front yard ducks, dinner with Mom, new yard work gloves.

Other weekend action. Breakfast at Southwest Diner, Coffee in the Park at CHP with neighbors on Saturday, taking Jane to the splash pond at Tower Grove Park, evening porch-sitting, getting the lawn done and the backyard cleaned up.

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