Friday, May 23, 2014

may twenty-third

Five for May 23rd:

Tyson blog. Within three hours of putting up Everyday Tyson yesterday, it was featured on boingboing and called a “tumblog of greatness”. The Internet is a strange place. I’m just glad people get the joke.

Ride day 3. Forest Park in full bloom and warm, calm air made for a pretty perfect ride in this morning. It’s always a good feeling to finish out the week with more riding than driving- something that is not always possible anymore.

Spring ants. Like clockwork, every spring there will be ants in our laundry room. Saw them this morning for the first time this season. Good thing I have about 5 boxes of ant bait at the ready at any given time. Enjoy your last meal, my miniscule friends.

Cool stuff. Chad Smith/Will Ferrell drum-off, dinner at Onesto with the birthday girl and her partner in crime, kale smoothies, new lunchtime skate spots, Neko Case.

Long weekend. Three days off coming up and not much in the way of plans, which is alright by me. Checking out Hell Night at Fubar tonight, skating tomorrow and whenever else, working on stuff around the house, and potentially hitting the pool/farmer’s market/zoo (or all three). Seeya Tuesday.

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