Wednesday, June 18, 2014

june eighteenth

Five for June 18th:

Bridge Life: the Story of KHVT. Very cool article with tons of photos detailing the rise of the soon-to-be-extinct Kingshighway DIY park.

Potluck. Another one going down at the office today. There’s a giant crock-pot of pulled pork simmering behind me that smells so good I can barely concentrate.

Garage sale score. My brother sent me a pic of a pristine early 80’s GT Mach One BMX bike that some dude picked up for cheap at a garage sale and brought in to get worked on. This is the kind of thing I dream of finding, but of course never do.

Cool stuff. Iron Maiden Killer Tour shirt, impromptu lunch with Lisa at Ranchito, Starbucks K-cups, new Black Label/Beer Savage Lucero decks, CBI Kris Markovich interview, coming home to this scene on the front porch.

Go Skateboarding Day. This Saturday. Planning on an early trip to JB to take advantage before more adult obligations kick in.

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