Thursday, June 5, 2014

june fifth

Five for June 5th:

Forest Park. A good chunk of my morning commute every day- either by bike or by car- is through Forest Park. In addition to low/no traffic, it’s probably the most scenic city drive there is, with plenty of places to stop and goof around if the mood strikes.

Instagram. Rolled out a new update with ten new photo-editing tools last night. Some are definitely more useful than others. The real trick will be to try to keep from getting carried away. Sometimes less is more.

Rock n’ roll. The Bureau, despite not being an actual functioning band for years now, played last night like they’d never even taken a day off. Fubar has some amazing shows coming up including Braid, Zero Boys, and 7 Seconds. May have to attend one or all.

Cool stuff. Camping prep, lunch skating (weather permitting), the fake rooftop towns of WWII, zucchini cakes, Vox Lockdowns, Chrome Ball Incident Frankie Hill interview.

Dentist appointment. Happening next week after putting it off for way too long. I don’t know how I fell off the schedule of regular dental checkups but I shan’t let it happen again.

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